Military, Federal, and State Nursing in Hawaii

Hawaii Military Base Map

Hawaii is an important strategic and logistic location for the U.S. Military. Each of the four military brances (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) plus the US Coast Guard have multiples bases and stations here.  Nursing opportunities exists as Active Duty, Reservist, Guardsmen, Civil Service, or contract nurse.

Military Civil Service Nursing
Tripler Army Medical Center is the largest medical center in the Pacific basin and has more than 200+ beds to care for military personnel and their families.

Click here for Army Civilian Nurse opportunities at Tripler, Schofield Barracks, Ft. Derussy, and Wheeler Army Air Field.

Click here for Air Force Civilian Nurse opportunities at Hickam AFB.

Click here for Navy and Marine Civilian Nurse opportunities at Kaneohe Marine Air Station, Pearl Harbor, Makalapa Clinic, and Camp Smith.

Click here for Coast Guard Civilian Nurse opportunities at Kalaeloa Coast Guard Station.

Hawaii Civil Service Nursing
The State of Hawaii Department of Health also has civil service positions as Nurses in the Administrative Branch, State Hospitals, and Prison system.  For more information, please see State Nursing Jobs.

Federal Nursing
You could also work at the Bureau of Prisons near the Honolulu Airport.
Click FDC Honolulu for employment information.

As you can see, there are tons of opportunities to work as an RN for the US Government or the State of Hawaii.  Pay is usually lower vs. hospital nursing, but the benefits of civil service nursing outweigh the lure of a few extra dollars.