Hawaii Nursing Agency and Registry

Many nurses in Hawaii choose to work either a part-time or per-diem (call-in) job in addition to their regular full-time job.  Some choose to sign-up at a single hospital, and others decide to work at a Temporary nursing agency/registry.

The benefits of working for an agency is that you are able to work at various hospitals in Hawaii without the hassles of worrying about nursing competencies, politics, and other idiosyncracies experienced by nurses who are employed by the hospital.  Basically, you come in, do your job, and get paid!  Another benefit of being an agency nurse is that you set your own schedule.  You don't want to work weekends?  As an agency nurse, you set your days/nights that you want to work...no questions asked!  I think one of the most important benefit about being an agency nurse is that you usually get paid more than the hospital offers their nurses.  With all of these great benefits, why would any nurse want to work for a hospital vs. an agency? 

The drawback of working as an agency nurse is that you are very susceptible of being canceled to work.  If a hospital is staffed well, they are able to cancel you within 2 hours of your shift start time.  Another drawback is that you are the first to be "flexed" off or sent home due to low census.  It is expensive for hospitals to pay an agency nurse so you are the first to go home.  If you are reliant on a regular flow of income and require medical/dental coverage for your family, agency nursing does not provide you with the continuity and security of a regular hospital job.

Here is a list of the most used Nursing Agencies in Hawaii.
Altres Medical
Kahu Malama Nursing
Critical Nursing Services Hawaii
Specialized Nursing Hawaii - no direct website.
Island Nurses - no website listed. (808) 841-1243‎
*Please tell each agency that you were referred by Mike and this website.